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Uploading, Adding, Updating and Validating of Student Information

How do I import students?

School boards are responsible for uploading the initial student data into your classes and lists. However, some schools may need to add students. The import feature can be used to add multiple students at a time. 

1. After logging into your account, select the Students tab.

2. Select the assessment for which you would like to import students: either Grade 9 Mathematics or OSSLT.

3. Then select the Import button found on the top-right corner of the page.

4. To import data into the system, first click Template to download a sample Excel spreadsheet to input student data. For assistance determining the appropriate values for each column in the template, click the Student Import Data Definitions button; this will download a spreadsheet containing data definitions for the values in the template.

5. Once you have filled out the template student data, save the file and then select Import. Please note that you can only import a maximum of 60 records at once.

6. A preview of the data will appear in the window. If the information is accurate, select OK. If you have selected the incorrect file or would like to edit the information again before uploading, click Cancel to close the window. Once you have finished editing the file, you can select Import again to upload the modified file.

If there is missing or invalid information in the student data to be imported, an error message will appear identifying the items with validation errors; this will prevent the student data from being uploaded. You will need to edit the document to include the appropriate information and then import the file again.

7. Once the import is complete, the student data will appear in the Students table.

How do I validate student information?

1. A warning icon on the Students tab of your dashboard indicates that there is student data to be validated. Select the Students tab to start validating student data.

2. A message will appear at the top of the Students page indicating that you need to review the student data for the assessment type that you currently have selected.

3. A warning icon will appear next to the OEN number of any student with missing information or where there is a conflict due to data provided in a board upload. Click the student’s OEN or name to review the student data and correct the error; alternatively, select the student and then click Edit Student Info.

4. To view only students who have errors associated with their information, click Show Flagged Items Only.

To return to the list of all students, click Show All Students.

5. Once all of the students have been reviewed and their data has been validated, the flags will be removed from their accounts. You can now select Confirm that all student data has been validated.

6. After you have confirmed that the data is validated, a green message will appear at the top of the Students page confirming the validation.

Please note that the validation process should be completed prior to the administration period and will be required prior to the release of student reports.

Updated on November 3, 2021