Completing the Technical Readiness Process

Technical Readiness

Teachers will not be able to administer the Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics until the school administrator has completed their Technical Readiness Checklist.

After logging in to your account, select Grade 9 Mathematics, then select the Technical Readiness tab to access the checklist.

The pink exclamation mark indicates that there are items on the checklist that need to be completed before the assessment can be administered. 

At the beginning of the process, you may notice a red bar displayed at the top of the Technical Readiness page. This red bar indicates that the school board IT representative has not completed the Board Network Readiness Checklist.

You may proceed with completing the other components of the checklist, however, you will not be able to administer the assessment until your school board IT representative has completed the Board Network Readiness Checklist. Once the Board Network Readiness Checklist has been completed, the red bar will change to green.

This will bring you to the Technical Readiness Checklist.

Please review the items in the checklist carefully, and check them off once they have been completed.

Once the checklist is complete, a green box with a message confirming the account is ready to administer the assessment will be visible below the checklist.

Note: For support completing the Technical Readiness Checklist, please contact your school or school board IT representative. This person will be able to guide you through the checklist and work with you to ensure that your school satisfies the technical requirements to run the assessment successfully. 

Updated on January 30, 2023