After the Assessment

The following steps must be completed after the administration of the assessment.

Summary of Steps After the Assessment

  • Ensure that all printed copies of the alternative version are transcribed into the e-assessment platform.
  • View and print Individual Student Reports (ISR) for your students
  • Store any printed copies of the alternative version in a secure location until ISRs are generated, and then shred all printed copies.
  • Complete the Teacher Questionnaire (optional).

Accessing Individual Student Reports

Individual Student Reports (ISRs) will be provided to teachers and school administrators shortly after students complete the EQAO Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics. These results may be included as part of a student’s final Grade 9 mathematics course mark as per the Ministry’s direction in the Growing Success: Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting in Ontario’s Schools, Kindergarten to Grade 12 (2010) document. 

Individual Student Reports will be available to teachers and school administrators through the e-assessment system only after: 

  • students complete both sessions of the assessment,  
  • school administrators validate student data (refer to the Validating Student Information section),  
  • teachers submit student responses to EQAO (refer to the Submitting Student Responses section), and  
  • EQAO confirms student results. 

Reports will be available approximately one day after student responses have been submitted to EQAO.

The steps to access ISRs through the e-assessment system for:  

For more information about ISRs and to view a sample ISR, refer to the Individual Student Report (ISR) section of this guide. 

In the fall of the school year following the assessment, the ISRs will only be available to school administrators.

School, board and provincial results will be released in the fall of the next school year.  

Follow these steps when you are ready to print the ISRs.

1. Log in to your teacher account.

2. Click Select Class to select the class for which you would like to view the reports.

3. Once on the page for that class, click View Reports.

4. This will bring you to the Reports page. Here you will be able to review the results of the individual students in your class.

Questionnaire for Teachers

After logging in, teachers can access the questionnaire by selecting the TEACHER QUESTIONNAIRE button on the blue banner found at the top of the Classes/Groupings page.

Note: The Teacher Questionnaire should be completed by the main teacher of the class.

Updated on December 29, 2022